The Date Maru Ship – An Interesting Story from Japanese History

Ishinomaki Tour – San Juan Bautista サンファン館

Before the isolation policy took place in Japan (17th century), the ruler of Sendai domain had wanted to increase foreign trade with Europe, so he ordered the making of the first Japanese western-style galleon ship. Also named “Date Maru”, the San Juan Bautista Ship crossed the Pacific in 1614 to transport a Japanese diplomatic mission of 180 people. In this episode of Ishinomaki Tour, we went to learn more about that at the San Juan Bautista Park. We also had a cozy language exchange and I got to teach our Japanese friends some Algerian and Arabic words! That was fun xD

石巻ツアーシリーズ続きます。今回は宮城県慶長使節船ミュージアム・サンファン館で日本歴史について少し学びました。江戸時代初期に仙台藩で建造された「San Juan Bautista Ship」というガレオン船のストーリーが興味深かいと思いました。この動画の一番好きなところは日本友達にアルジェリアの言葉を教えた部分です!皆が私の母語を頑張って言ってくれたのは嬉しかったです。

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