Ishinomaki Tour Begins! Café Hamaguridou


Ishinomaki is a coastal city in northeastern Miyagi prefecture that was seriously affected by the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami, and this is the first video in a vlog series from the area.

Ishinomaki City 石巻市 (outlined in red).

For our first destination, we went to the town of Momonoura.  It took us a one-hour drive from Sendai to arrive to this peaceful cafe near the beach,

Café Hamaguridō

Café Hamaguridou is a gorgeous minka (traditional Japanese house) sitting on a hill overlooking Hamagurihama beaches. Come here on a sunny day for a yummilicous homemade meal and a relaxing time by the ocean.
I hope you’ll enjoy the video.

石巻ツアー ① はまぐり堂


Special thanks to Hani K. Daftari for the awesome photos.

Stay tuned for the next episode!

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