Algerian In Japan (Arabic Vlog Update)

This is update #1 from Monderu aka Algerian in Japan about the Arabic Vlog series and other stuff. Lately, I’ve been collaborating with other YouTubers from Algeria and I wanted to share with you some of those news.


If you prefer a video format and wanna see how the Algerian dialect sounds like, go ahead and watch this video (English subtitles available). During the shoot, I took the opportunity to visit two main touristic spots in Sendai, Japan. Those are Zuihōden and Aobajō. I’ll talk about these a bit later in this post, but the mini-trip is also included in the video.

Algerian In Japan (Arabic Vlog Series)

Interview with Mumu

The first collab is a vlog between Algeria and Japan with Mumu on his variety channel. 

MuMu Muslim :: YouTuber from Aïn Témouchent ( Algeria)

This video is a part of the #MumuGuests series in which Algerian creators share their stories and answer different questions from Mumu and his viewers.

Mumu Guests – Ep2 (with Monderu)

Japanese Cover for a North-African Song

The second collab is actually a duet song with Phy Rdaous who runs a singing channel. Her voice is sublime and I’ve always been a fan of her work so I’m really happy that we could do something together.

So what did we sing? We all know or at least heard of the Tunisian classic “Lamouni Ligharou Meni” originally sang by Hedi Jouini and later covered by Lotfi Bouchnak, and others.

Among those others is Nahomi Koyasu, a Japanese singer who makes Japanese versions for popular songs from the middle east and north africa. Thanks to her, the task was easier and we didn’t have to deal with translation.

Nahomi Koyasu  こやすなほみ

So here it is, our duet cover of her cover!

Zuihoden Mausoleum

Both my update video and the Mumu Guests episode were recorded in Sendai City, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture.

Miyagi Prefecture, Northeastern Japan (Tohoku)

First, I took the Sendai Loople bus from the main station. This bus “makes a loop through the tourist spots in central Sendai”.

I bought a one-day ticket which cost me 620円.

Sendai’s Sightseeing Bus :: Loople Sendai

My first destination was ZUIHŌDEN 瑞鳳殿!

ZUIHŌDEN Mausoleum is an important spot for the history of the city, since it contains the tomb of its founder: Date Masamune.

It’s located in a calm neighborhood. It is clean and well taken care of, and most of all, it is English-friendly! Signboards everywhere have English translations and sometimes QR codes for audio explanations in different languages.

Although I was mostly busy recording, I greatly enjoyed this hike and found it pretty soothing. Definitely going back there for a couple of refreshing walks, or meditation!

Sendai Castle / Aoba-jō

The sightseeing buses (Loople Sendai) stop at each touristic station every 20 minutes on weekdays and every 15 minutes on holidays and weekends.

So from Zuihoden station, I took that bus towards Sendai Castle Site. This was home to the Date clan, a samurai group that build the city and the castle under the rule of Date Masamune in the 17th century.

Unfortunately, the castle was destroyed during World War II and all that remains on the site are its ruins. However, the cityscape from up there is breathtaking. There’s also the statue of Masamune, a shrine, a museum, a couple of restaurants, souvenir shops, and a cute food stall.

I especially recommend this place for video creators and photographers.

Japanese Summary


一つは Mumu Guests と言うオンラインシリーズです。

北アフリカで昔から有名な「Lamouni Elli Gharou Menni」を🎶
Phy Rdaousちゃんと歌いました。

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